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Art of Sky Children of the Light

Indie developer darling thatgamecompany is well known for its timelessly beautiful and emotionally evocative games, such as Flower and the critically acclaimed Journey. In summer of 2019, the studio released their latest gaming experience, Sky: Children of the Light. This ongoing “social adventure” for mobile sports a captivating art style and mechanics that encourage positive player interactions; a fitting addition to the studio’s catalog. Since its release, the game has gone on to acquire multiple Mobile Game of the Year nominations and won Apple’s iPhone Game of the Year 2019.

Join us for an exploration of Sky: Children of the Light’s seven-year development as thatgamecompany delves into the world and character design of this award-winning game. In addition to touching on the art, the studio offers a peek behind the technological curtain as they discuss the studio’s proprietary engine and “blob” creation process for environment building, which allowed them to push the graphics bar for their first foray into mobile gaming.

Gnomon events are brought to you by the Gnomon in Hollywood, California. Established in 1997, Gnomon is a degree-granting college and professional training institution specializing in education for the visual effects and game industries. Learn more at https://www.gnomon.edu

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B.W. Dragon : I just searched for the behind the scene of the game and I did not expect a full lecture that's free to watch. I feel very blessed too have found this
Ice Wine : Anyone feels closer to the game after watching this? I do.
Senior Adrian : I want to point out possible factors as to why people are giving up on the game so early when Aaron Jessie is speaking at 1:11:40. Couple of suggestions from my experience:

-Make the new player available to add friends from the second the game starts. That's a huge factor that i saw while i was trying to get my friends to play it. They got bored in the Dawn level and couldn't even finish off even the tutorial. Lot's of people don't know when the tutorial finishes too and what they have to do in order to add people.

-Make the Dawn level have a blue scent like trace to where the player is supposed to go. Give them a sense of an objective from the first minute because it take a bit of walking to discover the spirit in the Dawn level. The first beach and cave take a little bit too much walking the blue scent trace can start from the beginning of the Dawn level.

I think these couple of changes would improve a lot the initial part of the game.
That being said i love this game and i got to finished it with my cousin. I was a huge fan of "Journey" and i think this is a celestial experience of a game. It's beautiful.
Caloi Palaboi : Wow. Very informative video. I must say, with all the hard work that they've done for this game, they really don't deserve a 1 star rating just because some players got mad with the change that they've made to enhance the game. They always feel worried on the feedback that the players are giving and always want to resolve the concerns. So I wish players would be more kind and gentle to them when giving feedback and not say trashy words. This company is really unique and amazing. Keep up the good work guys!
Akaikami : Absolutely awesome breakdown of what type of hacks and techniques are needed for such a small memory footprint game. Also hey Cecil (one of the best instructors I had at Gnomon back in 2011) and my fellow ex-The Evil Within crew :) Hope y'all are well, keep kicking ass at thatgamecompany.

Sky Surfer! The BEST RC Trainer Ever!

Flight Review of the World Famous Sky Surfer! This is the original best seller of all times version from Banana Hobby! Now in the newest version! Excellent training aircraft to sport flying! Amazing flight performance! Back by pilots request!

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-Available in ARF, RTF and KIT

Click Here for the ARF version as seen in this video! https://www.bananahobby.com/4-ch-blitzrcworks-sky-surfer-rc-trainer-airplane-arf.html

Click here for the RTF version: https://www.bananahobby.com/4-ch-blitzrcworks-sky-surfer-rc-trainer-airplane-rtf.html
Manoj Bala : I had a problem with the servos initially, wonderful rc to start learning
Airshredder73 : I've had a skysurfer for about 7 years now. I have many planes but this 1 would still be my favourite. It is so nice to fly! The prop that comes with it is crap though. I use an apc064e (6×4 electric) and a 3s 2200mah Lipo for a really good flight time (at least 15 minutes).
Air-headed Aviator : This planform is legendary amongst the RC hobby. So many iterations, so many versions, I wonder honestly what the first design that used this style was.
cloudsplitter24 : It is a great airplane! I really wish they would re-release the Super Sky Surfer 2400mm, that is an awesome FPV airplane!
Gerben Posthumus : I have pulled the guts out of my hubsan h301s because of the many crashes the body was not repairable. I build everything in the sky surfer because this sky surfer is much bigger. I can use a bigger battery now and still have the return to home function from the old GPS receiver from the hubsan h301s spy hawk. Man what a fantastic flyer this Sky Surfer plus now also with 6G stabilization and return to home Ps the hubsan receiver can handle a 3S lipo battery.

호텔 라운지 음악 / 집에서 듣기 좋은 음악 / 고급스러운 분위기 음악 / Relaxing jazz & piano sound / Lounge music / Background ♬

집에서 편하게 듣는 5성급 호텔 음악♬

볼륨을 알맞게 조절해 주시면 편안하게 들으실 수 있습니다
You can listen comfortably by adjusting the volume

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Beautiful piano music
Relaxing jazz music
Hotel music
향일화 : 기말준비하는데 공부하다 빡쳐서 들어와봤습니다. 호텔 라운지에있는 작은 카페에서 공부하는 기분이 들어요. 이제 때려치고 커피나 마셔야지
이지은이지은 : 장이 편해지는 음악이라고해서 식후에 자주듣는데 효과있는거같아요
배경도 갬성적이고 멋스럽네요
B급리뷰 : 와우~
콘도 라운지 와 있는 느낌이네요..
행복해지는 밤이에요..^^
행복한기영 : 커피 한 잔하며 조용히 혼자 듣기에 너무 좋네요~~
잊 : 집에서 레스토랑인척 하려고 찾던중에 라운지 음악 찾게되서 공부하면서 들어요 감사합니다~ ♡




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